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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baby Fuersich's Name

Just so there is no confusion, Baby Fuersich is not going to be named LeRoy. We still have not decided on a name yet, so we have been calling him LeRoy at home. My co-workers heard this and are now calling him LeRoy as well. My parents call him Phinnaeus and Dave's parents are calling him Javier. So if we can't decide on a name we have a few options to choose from (I can guarantee none of these are really an option).

I have narrowed the name choices to two but Dave still will not make a decision so we may not have a name decided until we are at the hospital. I guess then we will at least have one suprise.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Baby Fuersich News

I am now going to the doctor every week. I guess that means we are getting to the end of this journey and the beginning of a new one. I am making some progress but not much yet, so I think I probably have a while to go yet. Good in one way since I am nervous about this whole delivery thing and disappointing in that I am ready to not have this baby kicking me in the ribs anymore. Last week I was 1 cm dialated. This week I am 1 1/2 cm dialated. She said not enough to say 2 cm. I am also 50% effaced, but he hasn't dropped yet. She said it could be anytime yet, but then again it could still be 3 weeks away. I am hoping it isn't 3 weeks!!! But also hoping not to have a Halloween baby.

We are pretty much ready for him whenever he does come, or as ready as we can be!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Monkeys, Monkeys, Monkeys

We have been working on the nursery. It is pretty well done now. Dave's mom & dad came over last weekend and helped us put up the border. It is really cute!!!

My parents and Stacy bought the changing table and we got that put up this week.

At work they threw me a shower. It was really nice. We had cake and ice cream and they gave us the bedding so we got that put out this week as well.

My boss knows a lady who makes really good cakes. So not only was it super cute, but it was very delicious. I have already passed my goal weight gain so I went ahead and had a big piece!!

So at this point we are have everything we really need for this baby to come, but I am not sure we are ready! We may need a few more naps before he gets here. I don't think you can ever be really ready, but we will figure it out as we go.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Busy Busy!!

We have definitely been busy. Since our trip to IL in mid-September we have worked on the landscaping. We did two beds in the front of the house. We will keep adding more a little at a time until we get it all done, but this is it for this year.

I made another trip to IL for the baby shower. It was so nice to see everyone. I haven't seen many of you since we moved. I wish I had more time to spend with everyone, but hopefully when I make the next trip I will see you all again and have more time to visit, this time with Baby Fuersich. That's right still no name decided on, but Dave did try to see if Titan would decide on a name and if we go by what Titan said it looks like it could be Nathan. We will see!!!!

Then this past weekend we had our all day baby class. It was a long day but I think it was good we went. I guess we are as prepared as we can be. Although I know we will have plenty of surprises we went get there.

Here is a semi-recent belly picture for anyone I haven't seen recently. I think this was 32 weeks.