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Benjamin Ray

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Benjamin Ray has arrived

Benjamin Ray Fuersich arrived on October 11, 2011 @ 9:20 AM.
I was induced on my due date since Ethan was so big at 9lb 14 oz. Our scheduled time to arrive at the hospital was 3AM!! So early that we barely got any sleep. Nana and Grandpa came the night before to stay with Ethan when we left for the hospital.
We left for the hospital at 2AM arrived at 2:45 to be checked in and got right into labor and delivery at 3AM. I was hooked up to the pitocin by 4AM and we were on our way. I was about 3 CM dialated at that point. By 6 AM Dr Venard had sent a resident to break my water. I knew this would be the point things would really start moving. Contractions were pretty steady at 2-3 min at this point and as with Ethan they really started getting tough at this point. Shift change is at 7, so I knew getting an epidural might be a bit.
At a little after 7 I got an epidural and for a while that really made things easier. Sometime around 8 they came back to check me and I was dialated around 4 to 5. Unfortunately things weren't moving as fast as I had hoped. I called my mom and told her it was going to be awhile.
After that point things started feeling a little weird when I had a contraction. I was feeling nothing like before but more of a sharp pain and some pressure - I decided I needed to call the nurse around 8:30 to come and check what was going on even though I knew I couldn't have changed that much. Unbelievably she said I was 10 cm and very ready to push. I asked her about how long she thought it would be knowing it would take 45 minutes for everyone to get there. She said they just had to setup the room and call the doctor in, so to go ahead and call.
A little after 9 Dr Egner was there and ready to go - she had another procedure that she was about to go into so she was ready to get in and out. 9:20 Ben arrived, much to our surprise, at 7 lb 13 oz. and 21 inches long. I couldn't believe he was so little!!
Pictures to come shortly.