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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We're Still Here

Sorry it has been so long since I have updated the blog. We have been very busy. Nothing too exciting. We have both been working alot. It keeps us nice and tired, so we haven't had much time for other things.

We did have our big ultrasound last week and found out that we are having a boy!!! We are both excited about that but don't have any ideas on a name. I think it will be a while before we come to a name we both like. I am definitely feeling the baby move now. Today I felt him quite a bit, so I think we are going to have a very busy baby. Hopefully he doesn't keep me awake too much before he gets here, because I am sure he will do that plenty when he does get here. I am definitely showing now. Strangers are now asking about the baby, so I guess I don't look like I ate too many doughnuts anymore. We are just beginning to get some baby things together. I bought one little outfit, we got a box of baby stuff from my mom and dad and Dave's mom and dad got his first Cubs shirt and a pair of Cincinnati Reds socks. We also purchased a dresser from an online auction for a great deal.

Gas prices are really impacting us here. I am sure we are paying the same as everyone else but we both drive so far to work. My commute is about 80 miles round trip and Dave's is about 90 miles. Last month Dave spent $600 in fuel for the truck. So last week we bought a new car. A Honda Accord. This is my new car and Dave is driving the Impala to work. We are going to keep the truck for awhile and see if he is going to need it over the winter for plowing or just getting to work.

Titan is enjoying his Invisible Fence. He gets to run and play so much now since he can go anywhere in the yard. He still is not 100% proficient is staying where he should, so he has gotten zapped a few times. This morning he chased a deer across the backyard and stopped before he was zapped, which was a good sign.

My parents came for a visit over the weekend. It was definitely nice to see them, but we are looking forward to this coming weekend also. They will be making another stop on their way back from visiting Stacy and they will be bringing Stacy and Emerson back with them. We haven't seen them since Thanksgiving. From what I hear he has changed alot since then.

Check back in a few days. I will try to post some pictures.

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Kristin said...

I will be waiting for the pictures!