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Monday, August 2, 2010

Could we have had anymore fun??

We were lucky enough to spend a few days with my whole family. A first since Ethan and Athalie have arrived in this world!! My sister and her family came to visit my parents for over a week, so Dave and I took a short trip to visit them as well. We left first thing Thursday morning and Stacy had a fun filled weekend planned for us. And it was definitely an eventful weekend.

Thursday we went to the park in Streator to play (we were supposed to play miniature golf, but sometimes fun equals alot of work, so we opted for the park.)

Athalie is such a good model for pictures. She was willing to sit long enough for me to take a couple of tries at this picture. I think it turned out awesome with the sun starting to go down.

Emerson and Athalie are both big climbers. They were all over the place (just like Spiderman).

And Ethan is in love with the slides. That is all he ever wants to do at the park.

We also went out for ice cream but my hands were too full for any pics for that, but there were lots of messy faces :)
Thursday night was a little scary. We went back to my parents after ice cream and Titan was not doing so well. He hadn't seemed like himself during the day but we thought he had just a little bit of an ear infection. When we got home he couldn't stand up on his own and was very wobbly on his feet. His eyes were twitching all over the place. We ended up deciding he needed to see a vet right away but there are not any emergency vet places anywhere near my parents. Finally we found someone who would come into the office at 9:30 at night, so we had to drive him 35 minutes from my parents house to be seen. Dave had to carry him in and out. It was very scary. He has an inner ear infection or inflamation of some nerve in there that is making him dizzy. He is on his way to being better but still not himself.
Friday Grandpa took all 3 kids fishing. Now that was interesting. 3 kids near the pond with poles and hooks and their new lawn chairs that Nana got them. It took 5 adults to manage them all and make sure no one got hooked, but all 3 kids caught fish. They had a great time and so did Grandpa.

This is Ethan's second fish.

Why do these kids always end up in the dog crate? It is a fun place to hang out, that is for sure. Emerson wanted us to lock them in there :)

Ethan hanging with his homies!!

Todd made Ethan and Emerson these masks. It was so cute because they were trying to eat their goldfish, but there was no mouth, Todd had to take them back off and add a mouth so they could eat with them on. (Notice no curtains in the windows - Those had to be put up so that all three of them could stand in the window and look out at the trains AND the neighbors chickens that would come over everyday.)

Saturday we had a picnic for friends and family to visit. So much fun - thanks to all of you that were able to come. We were so glad to see you all and wish there was more time to spend with all of you.
We had bubbles for the kids to play. I guess Ethan had a high old time when they were first brought out but I totally missed it. If anyone has any good pics, please share.

Lucas hanging in the big boy chair!

Corn on the cob - Yum!!

Titan starting to feel a lit better but definitely not himself.


Time for us to head home :(

But we have to sit on the deer first!! Ethan is obsessed with the deer in the house, half the picnic he was trying to make a break for the house.

Wish we could have stayed longer, it is never enough time.
Check out Stacy's blog http://crispsimons.blogspot.com/ for more fun pictures.

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Waterlogged said...

I have pics of Ethan and the bubbles. I will get them up soon.