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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hurricane Ike!!

We have been keeping very busy and will be for the next few weeks. Dave and I went to IL for the weekend for Renee's wedding. It was nice to visit even though it rained the whole time. We wish we could have stayed longer. We made our way back home through the rain to find out that there was very little rain in the Cincinnati area over the weekend. Instead we got the winds. Sunday afternoon the winds came through and caused lots of damage. The news reports said there were wind gusts up to 85 mph. We were very lucky. We weren't home when this all went through but Dave's mom and dad came over and put our stuff away. The only damage we got was a couple of wooden chairs were destroyed and our temporary fence was knocked down. Our power came back on Sunday night. Many people are still without power days later, it could be the weekend before it comes back on for some people. Many of our neighbors also had alot of roof damage. This is supposed to be the biggest power outage in history here.

I had another doctor's appointment today. All is good. The baby is still head down. The doctor said we will have "a good size baby". That made me nervous because that sounds like a large baby to me, so I asked if she had to guess how big he would be what would she guess. She said 8lbs. 8oz. That doesn't sound too bad to me, but you know they never know these things for sure. I guess we will just wait and see.

I will be back in IL next weekend. Looking forward to seeing everyone.


Trina said...

I should have known one of you Simons' girls was in town, with all that rain....

Better a big baby than a small baby. I need mine to come out at least 2 yrs old.

waterlogged said...

Just to let you know, 2 years old is no less tiring than brand new.

Kristin said...

Great- another 'good sized baby'! My honey would like to not be the only over eight pounds lately... ;) You can do it Corey- Can't wait to see that one next weekend!

Kate said...

hey corey..sorry i couldnt make it to the baby shower..i heard it was fun..holly sent us a picture tho..uve got quite the bump...well miss you guys and ill talk to you soon